How to co-parent after divorce;
bring harmony to your split family!

Heal Your Heart

If you're anything like me, you've had your heart broken with divorce. I felt I had failed, and worse yet, that I would be 'broken' forever! But let me share the good news...


Help Your Family

I felt I'd failed my family, and worse yet, screwed up my children's start in life. But with wisdom and help, it doesn't have to be that way; your kids can truly 'thrive'...


Create Your Life

Rebuilding your life after divorce can be hard. Let me show you where to start and how to live the life you dreamed could be yours...


Parenting With the Ex Factor
"Best Selling" Book to Help You!

Parenting With the Ex Factor, by Jill Darcey

How to Successfully Co-Parent after Divorce

Want to know what to really do? Not theory - this is real life help to get you and your children through a very challenging time. The most common phrase said by readers is "I wish I'd read this sooner!" Do yourself (and your kids) a favour and learn all you need to know now...


Custody & Routines
Who Goes Where & When?

Custody & Routines, Who Goes Where & When?

One of the most common reasons divorced parents go to Family Court is routines ... you don't have to!

Who has the children for how many nights is a really difficult question to answer. There is no one answer that suits all families either. This doesn't leave you without hope, instead it is a great opportunity for you to understand what is really important. Many divorced parents have turned to the Family Court and later regretted it - even when they've won.


Child Support Money
Get Payments Realistic & Fair

Child Support Money, Get Payments Realistic & Fair

If you're paying it's "All Pay & No Play". If you're receiving it's never enough to share the costs fairly.

This is the other most common reason that divorced parents go to court - and one that can be more easily solved than you first think. To begin conversations about money, it's smart to know how to start rather than trying to fix it up afterwards. Most divorced parents find out pretty quickly how costly it is to run two households ... so a little help goes a long way.